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Information about the camps.

As the name implies, most of these courses are camp based.  By being so, we can combine the advantages of communal living, sharing the natural environment and the course content.  This means that participants need to come suitably prepared to camp out. They take place in the heart of one of the most beautiful parts of Dorset.   


Based around the equinoxes and solstices, this is a course run by the elders of the Coranieid Coven, as a teaching programme.

The course is strictly limited to twelve people and we insist that they are committed to attending all four weekend camps.

Throughout the four seasonal camps we will pass on the knowledge of the Elder faith to bring people to a point where they will be ready, if they so choose, to dedicate themselves to the Path.

At this stage we offer no "degrees" or formal "initiations". This is purely a college for those who wish to know Wiccecraft, in the Traditional form.

Contact for current dates

HEALU, the school of Traditional Healing offers

A 2 year course in TRADITIONAL HEALING held over 3 days,4 times a year: held in a beautiful, peaceful location near Swanage, fully residential, with delicious vegetarian food.

Learn powerful healing techniques for soul retrieval, extraction  medicine, and plant spirit medicine. 
Healing is about Re-membering and re-connecting those fragmented parts of oneself  which hold us back from living life to it’s fullest. It’s about  finding the Healer within, and empowering yourself. Dis-ease is regarded as a friend and teacher, showing us the Path to Wholeness. 

£225 per intensive weekend.

Please contact Sara directly for more information


A weekend with nature for those facing Death, their own or a loved one’s. Understanding the grief process. Learning to let go. Helping a dying person to cross over. Assisting those souls who are ‘stuck’. And much more…

Foundations of Shamanism

Journeying is a key tool used by our Clan to gain help, healing and guidance. We journey the fibres of Wyrd to the Lower and Upper worlds for many different reasons, but the primary concern is that we bring back that which we seek, to the Middle Earth reality. 


We are based in one of the most beautiful parts of England, down on the Isle of Purbeck, in Dorset.  Within easy striking distance there are many special sacred sites.  Some are well documented ancient, historical sites, some are known for their sanctity and others are tucked away, less explored places known often only to locals.

The weekend we are offering is more than simply a tour of these sites, but rather a chance for participants to become linked with them and make a connection with the sacred landscape.

Where appropriate we will lead guided journeyings into the Wyrd of the place, or conversely give people time to reflect and make their own connections. 

Within the sacred landscape is our connection to the ancestors, the Hidden Company and the Old Ones.

As with all our courses we will be camping and so folk need to bring essential camping gear. 

We will provide food.

Dates; please contact us, as these weekend will be tailor made to suit

Price; £150 per person